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Jorge Canaves' Berlin

I make no bones about this being one of my favorite Thornhill AP saddles.  It has one of the best centers of balance you could ask for and the perfect shape to the flaps for dressage or jumping.  The lightly grained leather is a rich tobacco brown.  It reminds me of the original Stubben Siegfried, back when that was "the" dressage saddle.  Extremely comfortable deep seat built over a spring tree with generously flocked and well shaped wool panels.   Knee roll is moderate and the full length of the flap, allowing it to work well no matter your stirrup length.  Very popular for "riding out."  We have a wide range of horses that this is the successful saddle of choice.  16", 16.5", 17", 17.5" 18", 19" and 20" in three tree widths, medium, wide and extra wide.  Karla has done a slight design upgrade and eventually all Berlins will have white stitching, giving the saddle a more French look.  I find it gorgeous in both colors and give this one a huge two thumbs up. 

Leah Peterson and Louie ASB winning their first time out in their new Berlin

Photo courtesy of Courtney Church Photography

16" to 17.5" Saddlefitter Price:  $1050 & ships free! 

Seat sizes 18", 19" & 20" $1150 & ships free!

(All saddles shipped with two gifts for our clients, our thank you!)

(Returned or exchanged saddles will be charged a flat $35 fee.  See return information page.)

If you know the correct seat and tree size, a check can be made out and sent to;

The Saddlefitter, 22205 Sunrise Rd NE, Stacy, MN 55079. 

For questions or to phone in a credit card number, call (651) 462-5654

To use PayPal, or to ask questions,  send an email by clicking  on this link:  

mailto: Berlin Questions/Order

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