Cordia Pearson

Society of Master Saddlers Qualified Saddle Fitter

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This is it!  The New Generation Concord!

Completely new for 2011, The Concord is a saddle specific to the Baroque style of horse.  Perfected in both the arena and in L & R's Saddlery, the New Concord has a deeper and lower cutback pommel head which works with all wither shapes.  L & R's celebrated "swallow tail" flared points allow the horse's shoulders to glide under the tree structure with no restriction. 


This is the very best of "out of the box" thinking.  Whatever the width needed by the horse, by building the tree and seat specifically to the needs on both horse and human needs on their respective sides of the saddle, everyone is now happy.  The new seat/twist allows the rider's legs to fall away from the hips.  For the less flexible or narrow hipped rider this is a gift beyond measure.

Compound all this innovation with the new super slim stirrup bar.  On custom saddles this can be positioned exactly where the rider needs it for perfect hip to heel alignment.  This same new stirrup bar absolutely will not put pressure on the horse, which is one of the most common problems I see when evaluating saddles out in the field.  Extra large Velcro pads allow the rider to block their leg exactly for their femur length.  The blocks can be ordered in whatever width and length the rider needs.

For horses with very laid back shoulders, the two position point billet can be moved back to personalize the saddle draw-down to the horse's action.  The rear billet is on a balancing ring, which also perfects girthing, a critical element of unifying horse, saddle and rider.

Your choice X-grip Water Buffalo with soft finish Nubuck seat and knee pads or French Calf.  These hand crafted leathers are made for L & R by the world famous English tanners, Clayons of Chesterfield and the J & E Sedgwick of Walsall.  Your choice 16.5" to 19" seat in stock Medium, Wide or X-Wide or to template.  20" seat plus $800.


 $3250 plus shipping


Black or Havana Brown.  Special custom options available and quoted by request.  There are a few 2010 models left.  Call or email for more info.

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