GermaniaŽ Klasse

Cordia Pearson

Society of Master Saddlers Qualified Saddle Fitter

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GermaniaŽ Klasse

Vikki Chavez and Ghost in NM exemplifying why a picture is better than words.  For more about Vikki and Ghost, go to:

The GermaniaŽ Klasse is my one of my favorite Thornhill Dressage saddles.  I ride without much bend in my knee and the Klasse's external thigh block is the perfect partner for the Classical style of riding.  After two weeks in the Klasse, riders find their hips opening and more refined communication possible with the horse.  The only time I notice the soft external thigh blocks is when things  get "exciting."  I rotate my thigh bones inward and ride out an explosion or spook with ease.  (A much more secure response than gripping with the knees, which pinches you up off the saddle.)  Many Professionals riding green horses select the Klasse for this feature.





17", 18" & 19" seats.  Tree sizes:  Medium 32cm, Wide 34cm, Extra Wide 36cm. 

Saddlefitter Price $1495.00 & it ships free!  19" $1595.00

(Returned or exchanged saddles will be charged a flat $35 fee.  See return information page.)

If you know the correct seat and tree size, a check can be made out and sent to;

The Saddlefitter, 22205 Sunrise Rd NE, Stacy, MN 55079. 

For questions or to phone in a credit card number, call (651) 462-5654. 

To use PayPal, or to ask questions,  send an email by clicking  on this link:  

 The Klasse Questions/Order

For the student rider, the depth of the seat keeps them secure AND their leg can't creep forward over the external thigh block.  This is why I call the Klasse a "teacher in a saddle" in that it puts a straighter Dressage leg on all riders.



From Katie Beth DeSchepper of  "Thank you so much for all your assistance with this process (fitting her and her horse.)  I rode in my saddle again on Wednesday evening and my trainer loves where it places my leg.  She says my ankles are no longer tight!  I am working on getting my hips more stretched and I can tell the the saddle is helping me with this process.  I had already been stretching my hips out, but the saddle is making me progress much faster!"

Pictured is Funquest Seahawk, Bygone Morgans senior stallion.


Another reason to love this saddle (beyond it's sexy, sleek look) is the spring tree upon which it is built.  Thanks to the tree, the saddle has a perfect center of balance.  The twist is to the narrow side.  The "deck" of the seat has the proper horizontal level for subtle and precise seat aids.  Both men and women find the width of the seat correct.  

For more info on CSDEA Dressage Championship Klasse Saddle winner, Jennifer Hewitt, call:  507-398-7241.



Built of finest German black bridle leather, with newly redesigned red enamel Pommel buttons, this saddle looks like it should cost twice what it does.  The front billet is attached to the tree point and the middle and back billet join in "V" to draw down evenly on the back.  The panels are wool flocked.  The craftsmanship is superb.  The saddle is made in Germany.  Five Year Warranty on the saddle tree.

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