Cutback Show Saddles

Cordia Pearson

Society of Master Saddlers Qualified Saddle Fitter

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The Louisville &


$2995 plus shipping


The Beaufort Flat Seat Calf Covered &

The Beaufort Deep Seat Calf Covered

$3100 plus shipping


The Louisville is the ultimate flat back saddle, surpassing all others. The Louisville classic saddle comes with built in comfort for the rider that makes "bump pads" a thing of the past, featuring state of the art panels that give the most comfort to the horse or any saddle seat saddle on the market today. The Louisville is for the rider who prefers a flat seat. The Louisville is available in black to order.

For the rider whose preference is a deep seat, the Scottsdale has all the refinements of the Louisville but gives a little more security that a slightly deeper seat affords the rider. Five position stainless steel bars are a standard feature of both our cut back saddles. The Scottsdale is available in black to order.


5 Position Stirrup Bar Patent 243519

The Louisville

The Scottsdale

19", 20", 21", 22" 23"

                 19", 20", 21", 22", 23"

Standard & Wide

       Standard, Wide & Extra Wide

      Wool flocked panels plus $150

Wool flocked panels plus $150

Stirrup Leathers

Saddle Seat Weymouth Bridle

Buffalo 1" X 48", 54", 58", 60"

Plain Caveson & Brow Set/SS Fittings



Fillis Irons SS/rubber treads $25.95

With Patent Leather Caveson & Brow Set

Fillis Irons Solid Brass/rubber treads  $39.95


  Humane Girth
  Black or White Patent Leather  $150
  Double Elastic Ends  $125

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