Cordia Pearson

Society of Master Saddlers Qualified Saddle Fitter

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Padded 1" Leather Halter

Top quality leather.  Padded on crown, nose & cheeks. Double buckle crown. Rolled throat with snap. Adjustable chin. Solid brass fittings. (Matching Lead $29.95--see below.) Black/black.   Brown/brown. Black/white. London/brown (shown)   Warmblood, Horse, Cob and 3/4" Pony.  Compare to Otto Schumacher at $164.95!!!    Click To Order

 Saddlefitter Price $59.95 

1" Padded Breakaway Halter

An absolute favorite!  PVC "Comfort" lining sewn between the nose and crown protect even the most delicate faces.  Pony Club required!  The crown will rip out at the buckle should your horse get themselves into a dangerous situation.  (A new crown costs less than a horse or a vet call!)  Snap at the throat; chin is adjustable.  Warmblood,  Horse, Cob and 3/4" Yearling/Pony sizes.   Beautiful colors that hold up after years of use--Black, Hunter, Royal Blue, Red, Burgundy, Navy & Purple.  Retail $32.95.  (Matching Big Soft Cotton Leads below--7.95) Sizing Information:   Cob, from edge to edge over the crown--Shortest 40"--Longest 46".  Nose--Shortest 20"--Longest 24".  Throat Latch 16".  Horse, from edge to edge over the crown--Shortest 43"--Longest 49".  Nose--Shortest 24"--Longest 28".  Throat Latch 17.5"  WB, from edge to edge over the crown--Shortest 45"--Longest 51". Nose--Shortest 27"--Longest 31".  Throat Latch 20".

Saddlefitter Price  $25.95  Click To Order


1" Padded Breakaway Halter Crowns

Your choice, Padded  $6.95  Plain  $4.95  Click To Order

1" Leather Lead Shank

Top quality leather with 30" Solid Brass  shank.  Brown, Black or London.    Saddlefitter Price  $29.95 Click To Order

Same lead with plated brass shank  $20.95 Click To Order

Big Cotton Lead                                                                       3/4" X 10' with Sold Brass Bolt snap.  White, Black, Red, Royal Blue, Hunter, Teal, Navy, Purple & Burgundy. Saddlefitter Price  $7.95 Click To Order

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