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Cordia Pearson

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ThinLine made this up for me after one of my emails to them.  It pretty much says it all about my attitude towards this company and their products.  Elaine Lockhead sent me a ThinLine pad when they were first getting their start to test.  For two weeks, I rode two of our stallions (both correctly saddled!) one day with and one day without the ThinLine pad.  At the end of that time, I called the company and said "Sign me up."  Every ride with the ThinLine, my boy's gaits were rounder, their backs were up and my aids were more thoughts than actions.  Now our saddle van gives over at least 25% of the space to ThinLine girths, pads, and shims.  When a horse is in trouble, I always turn to ThinLine.  When a saddle is close and it is likely the horse will build enough muscle to grow into it, again the ThinLine.  And when the rider needs help with back or lower limb pain, ThinLine is my next suggestion (normally right after getting them into a saddle that won't create pain.)  Join me in touring the wonderful world of ThinLine and how it can help you and your horse.


ThinLine Half Pads for your existing Cotton Pad


Sheepskin Half Pads Trifecta with Sheepskin Roll Trifecta

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English ThinLine Cotton Pads--All In One

Square Dressage Pads Shaped Dressage Pads
Square Jump Pads Round Jump Pads

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English & Western ThinLine & Sheepskin Pads--All In One

Square Sheepskin Dressage Hunter Jumper  
Sheepskin Endurance Western Sheepskin Pad  

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Western ThinLine

Western Square Western Wool Liner  
Western Round Skirt Western Cotton Liner  

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English Cotton Comfort & Half Pads, Click here


For Western Cotton & Sheepskin Pads, Click here


For ThinLine Girths and Tack, Click here


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For you and your horse's sake, read this page!  Why ThinLine Pads Work.

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