Why ThinLine works

Cordia Pearson

Society of Master Saddlers Qualified Saddle Fitter

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ThinLine Technology

What is ThinLine Technology

Historically, equine products work on a compression basis, meaning they compress then spring back or, like gel, move away from pressure. What makes ThinLine unique is its technology.ThinLine is an open-cell foam which moves shock, weight, and heat laterally along the pad, boot, or girth. Beginning as a liquid, microscopic cells are poured into a mold then polarized so each cell lies end to end creating a tunnel. Another layer is poured in the mold and polarized in a new direction. In each ThinLine pad, this process is repeated hundreds of times creating a honey comb matrix. This structure allows ThinLine to move shock, heat, and weight laterally, much like the ripple effect of throwing a stone into water. ThinLine products also carry tensile strength so that pressure is actually distributed. Behind every pressure point there is always a hollow point. ThinLine products work to relieve pressure points by adding to the hollow points.

ThinLine’s texture and suppleness allows the product to mold for a custom fit. When warmed to body temperature by work and exercise, ThinLine products will mold to the horses back, leg or girth area. When returned to room temperature, ThinLine returns to its original shape, allowing ThinLine products to mold every day and to every horse. The life span of this process is typically 7-10 years. All ThinLine products are also infused with active USDA approved anti-fungal and anti-microbial agents rated to last 7-9 years. In addition to its unique method of distributing shock, ThinLine differs from traditional products. Compared to neoprene, ThinLine will not generate heat and has never caused a skin reaction in horses. Unlike gel, ThinLine is lightweight, breathable, and will not move away from pressure points. ThinLine is easier to clean and care for than leather and its antifungal agents keep horses’ skin healthy.

Superior Shock Absorption

ThinLine technology makes it the most shock absorptive material on the market. How to test it against your products: Drop a golf ball on your pad. Drop a golf ball on a ThinLine pad. The golf ball will dead weight on the ThinLine pad. This test may also be repeated with raw eggs. A raw egg dropped on a ThinLine from as high as 12 feet will not break. Try that on other pads!



100% ThinLine products vent laterally across the pad.



No Slip

In addition to everything else it does, ThinLine saddle pads are the best no slip products available. Add a ThinLine girth and your tack will remain perfectly stable. Boots do not slip on horses legs, even when traveling through water.

Does Not Compromise Saddle Fit

The only pad recommended and vended by over 80% of UK certified Master Saddlers residing in the US. ThinLine works with custom saddles. Better yet, ThinLine makes good fitting saddles a custom fit for every horse. ThinLine carries a whole line of products designed by saddle fitters to create better saddle fit.


ThinLine is infused with active anti-fungal, antimicrobial agents allowing use on multiple horses. ThinLine products will aid in healthy skin reducing rain rot.


7-10 years is the average life of a ThinLine product.